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Company History

For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to providing quality industrial computer products and responsive support to our customers. Passion for innovation is the driving force behind everything we do. As a result, our company continues to evolve as we anticipate the changing needs of our customers and the growing market.

Our Roots

Under the name INDUCOMP Corporation, thinENGINE Computer was established in 1984 as a software development and consulting company serving manufacturing, distribution and medical markets. In 1986, we became an IBM Business Partner (MAP) providing turnkey hardware, software and service solutions to IBM customers.

Through the process of selling factory floor solutions, we saw a need to create unique hardware with full-screen, rugged terminals that would work with host software on the shop floor. In 1990, we created the first rugged 5250 terminal which sold worldwide. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, we manufactured and installed thousands of rugged 5250, 3270 and VT100 terminals. This rugged terminal business provided the base needed for further research and development which led to our extensive industrial product line we have today.


Company Growth

In 1998, we built our current headquarters, a 55,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Pacific, Missouri. This extensive factory gave us room for a few unique advantages in the future: the ability to produce our own parts (right down to the sheet metal), create 3D models, assemble and even test our products in-house. We were soon able to meet our customers’ needs in the quickest, most efficient way.

In 1999, we were named by Deloitte & Touché to be one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Saint Louis region. Our growth continued in 2004, when we purchased the assets of Dynapro Computer Division from 3M.

An investment in sheet metal fabrication and CNC machines the following year, opened new doors for reducing lead time and overcoming customization restrictions due to dependence on part availability and production. In 2006, we furthered our in-house capabilities by purchasing the assets of Assured Plastics, an injection molding company.

In 2009, we established our second location, a research and development facility in Austin, Texas.

A New Direction

With the widespread acceptance of smart phones and the tablet as the first true “personal” computer, it became evident many of our customers’ needs would grow beyond fixed PC products. Computers and devices created with small, low-power, compact and less expensive computer engines would become the standard. Although we continue to manufacture rugged computers, thin client computers and custom computers, the change to the market required a thinner computer that could be used in a mobile environment. We recognized the opportunity to develop a new line of smart devices, attachments, and apps for the industrial markets.

In 2013, INDUCOMP Corporation (now a holding company) adopted the name thinENGINE Computer to better represent this new direction and introduced our flagship product: the ClipPad tablet. From here, the sky’s the limit, but one thing is certain: our products will be and always have been “built to work wherever you work.”