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thinENGINE Online Policies

RMA Terms & Conditions
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  1. Any item sent back to thinENGINE Computer without an RMA number will not be accepted.
  2. Items returned that do not match the serial number provided will be delayed until verified.
  3. Customer is responsible for all freight charges to and from thinENGINE Computer, unless the unit is in warranty. If in warranty, customer is responsible for only inbound freight charges whereas thinENGINE Computer will pay for UPS Ground outbound charges. If other method of shipment is selected, customer will be responsible for shipping charges and will be billed accordingly.
  4. Customer will be responsible for informing thinENGINE Computer the method of all return shipments.
  5. RMA number must be clearly printed on the outside of the box.
  6. Damage or loss of goods during shipment will be the sole responsibility of the customer. thinENGINE Computer will insure all shipments, unless customer notifies thinENGINE Computer in writing to cancel shipping insurance.
  7. Please enclose a copy of the computer generated RMA with the equipment.
  8. There will be an Evaluation charge of $85.00 per Unit on ALL repairs, unless in warranty.
  • $85 Evaluation charge PLUS shipping/handling OR additional Scrap charge of $65 will apply to No-Repair request.
  • Repair charges: $85 per hour for 1st hour, billed in ½ hour increments, additional hours are billed at $65 per hour plus parts used and shipping/handling.
  • NO individual parts for Resale.
  • Class 1 Div. II Products at this time cannot be repaired (This may changed based on the ability for thinENGINE Computer to be certified to do Class 1 Div. II Repair)
  • Warranty on repaired units is 30 days from invoice date.

Ship to:
thinENGINE Computer
Attn: RMA #
1265 Jefferson St.
Pacific, MO 63069