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Be Part of the Solution:
Become a thinEngine Partner!

Our solutions partner program is a streamlined approach to doing business with us and fulfilling your customers’ needs.

Become a thinENGINE partner

As our partner, you will receive full support from our sales and technical staff to help you succeed at winning business and providing the best solutions for your customers. There is no long, drawn-out process or confusing, multi-tier partnership – just two simple options: Reseller and Representative.

Select the program that best fits your company profile and goals and get started today!


Want to buy our products to re-sell as part of an overall solution for your customers’ needs? As a reseller, you buy product at a discounted price, take title of it and resell it to your customer. It is that simple! (Discount percentages vary depending on product type.)


As an approved representative, you direct your customers to us, and we give you a commission! You simply help them determine which thinENGINE product best meets their needs. They purchase directly from us. We cut you a check (upon customer payment).



Once approved as a reseller or representative, you will receive our standard price sheets with your discount or commission rates and access to our Solution Partner website and online quote system.


Questions? Give us a call! (636) 257-2111