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Open Frame Panel PC

OPENview Open Frame Panel PC

Ideal, cost-effective solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators!
The OPENview Plus open frame PC has a detachable computer that screws to the back of the OPENview™ open frame LCD monitor, so you can quickly and easily upgrade your PC as technology and demands change without demounting the monitor. The OPENview Plus open frame PC is specially designed to ensure a long product life and lower total cost of ownership.

The OPENView Plus™ is our base model open frame PC and can be modified or re-designed to meet your specifications. 



  • Specially designed for long product life
  • Contaminant-resistant, lightweight aluminum casing and plastic front bezel with O-ring sealing gaskets
  • Front bezel adheres to NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications
  • Bright LCD sizes include a 10.4”, 12.1”,15.0”,17.0” and 19.0”
  • Optional touch screen choices include resistive, capacitive, or infrared (IR)
  • PC attaches to the back of the open frame monitor; custom and standard PC configurations
  • Two or four mounting brackets
  • Easy-control OSD - brightness, contrast and power with user lockout function
  • Auto video resolution resizing

Great For…

Kiosks; gaming; retail (e.g. registry or job application kiosks), visual or medical applications; custom industrial enclosures and cabinet applications.

Bezel Design

The lightweight aluminum casing and plastic bezel provide a thin transition to the mounting surface, and a special O-ring (instead of the traditional foam) gasket prevents liquid, dust and contaminates from building up around the screen opening.

Product Protection

The OPENview Plus™ open frame PC has been carefully designed to adapt to changes in technology and demands (such as screen types and sizes, evolving replacement parts and upgrade components) ensuring a long product life. The product you buy today will be the same product you use in the future, saving you time and money!

Special Mounting

The OPENview Plus™ open-frame PC can easily be mounted to any open-frame cabinet or surface using two or more mounting brackets. Custom brackets are available for retrofitting older product. Other mounting options include a standard 100mm X 100mm VESA mount mounting pattern, which is generally used with industry-standard arm mounting or wall mount brackets.

Front Panel Control

The easy-control on-screen display (OSD) keypad enables you to adjust brightness, contrast and power, and toggle from composite video to PC monitor mode with one key. All OSD functions, including power, can be locked out through a switch on the back of the Open Frame PC.

Touch Screen Options 

The OPENview Plus™ panel PC can be ordered with a rugged resistive, capacitive or infrared touch screen. 

Optional Outdoor LCD Screens 

Optimize your open frame PC LCD screen for outdoor use with anti-reflective/anti-glare or heat-reflective filming. Our engineering department can help you select the correct combination for your application. Call us today! (636) 257-2111


* Specifications and availibility may change without notice.