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Open Frame Monitor

OPENview Open Frame Panel Monitors

The only open frame monitor you will ever need!
The OPENviewM™ is designed to conform to changing mounting surfaces and specifications, providing a stable platform for your custom-designed bezel or enclosure. Our open frame LCD monitors are contaminant resistant, have various mounting options and are ideal for kiosks and cabinet applications needing a drop-in display screen.

The OPENViewM™ is our base model open frame monitor and can be modified or re-designed to meet your specifications. 



  • Long-lasting product cycle
  • Bright LCD sizes include a 10.4”, 12.1”,15.0”,17.0” and 19.0”
  • Optional touch screen choices include resistive, capacitive or infrared (IR)
  • USB or serial touch screen interface
  • Standard VGA, s-video and composite video ports
  • Various mounting options
  • Easy-control OSD - brightness, contrast and power with user lockout function
  • Contaminant-resistant screen gasket
  • Auto video resolution resizing

Great For…

Kiosks; cabinet or other drop-in display applications; custom-built machines or enclosures; use with customized, branded bezels (i.e. applications requiring a logo-free monitor).

Bezel Design

The uniquely built plastic mini bezel provides a virtual watertight seal at the touch screen and mounting surface preventing liquid, dust and contaminates from building up around the screen opening and eliminating the need for foam gaskets.

Back Mounting

The OPENviewM monitor can be easily mounted to the back of any cabinet or surface using various mounting options. It is compliant with standard 100 x 100mm VESA mounting. Additionally, a thin mounting bracket can be applied to each side of the open frame monitor.

Custom mounting brackets are available – please call for custom mounting options.

Back Panel OSD Control

The Easy-control on-screen display (OSD) keypad enables you to adjust brightness, contrast and power, and toggle from composite video to PC monitor mode with one key. Easy-control OSD lock-out mode locks all user functions, even power.


Standard VGA, composite video or s-video input. Touch screen interface RS-232 or USB.

Touch Screen Options 

The OPENviewM monitor can be ordered with a rugged resistive, capacitive or infrared touch screen.

Optional Outdoor LCD Screens 

Optimize your industrial panel mount monitor LCD screen for outdoor use with anti-reflective/anti-glare or heat-reflective filming. Our engineering department can help you select the correct combination for your application. Call us today – (636) 257-2111.


* Specifications and availibility may change without notice.