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STAm Data Collection Terminal Modular Design

STAm Data Collection Terminal

One solution for multiple applications and a greater ROI.
This state-of-the-art data collection terminal enables a total customization of features by its modular design. Build your terminal with the precise functionality you desire for today and easily add or subtract features in the future to meet tomorrow’ needs. The power, intelligence and security of the base device ensure it won’t become outdated, thereby providing an unprecedented return on investment.

The cross-functional STAm™ can be used for numerous business applications, providing value across several organizational departments. For example, a STAm™ device used for physical access control can also be used for employee time and attendance recording. Or, one used to control access to a pharmacy door can also be used to track controlled substance sales. Discover multiple savings opportunities from a single investment!



  • Backlit LCD graphical display screen and large 20-key keypad
  • Bi-directional magnetic card reader
  • Multiple external ports: serial and USB
  • Peripheral/memory card slots
  • Ethernet 10/100 connectivity
  • 32MB SDRAM memory, 8MB non-volatile flash
  • Small footprint (8.8 x 5.3 x 1.9 inches / 1lb. 10oz.)
  • Optional 1D and 2D barcode reader with image capture functionality
  • Other optional features: optical finger image reader (biometrics), facial camera, document imager and thermal printer

Great For…

Time and attendance; payroll check cashing; credit/debit transaction processing (point-of-sale terminal); pharmacy controlled-substance tracking; physical access control / restricted area access – STAm™ provides enhanced security for restricted areas such as pharmacies, inventory rooms and college dorms, as well as restricted equipment including safes, controlled substance cabinets and merchandise displays.

Modular Options Include:

Barcode Scanner

Get fast, accurate collection and storage of 1D & 2D barcode data on products, driver licenses, employee badges and more. The magnetic card reader or optional barcode scanner module can be added to quickly and accurately capture employee badge information for physical access control or time and attendance. Or, the base device combined with the finger imaging module can diminish the need for employee ID badges and completely eliminate time clock “buddy punching.”

Finger Imager

The finger imaging module is ergonomically designed for optimal finger placement to help ensure fast and easy ID verification. The biometric ID verification and digital signature for transaction authorization, electronic payment and cashier login improves safety and convenience for authorized personnel – no more lost, stolen or forgotten keys and ID badges.

Document Scanner

OCR scanner up to 600 DPI, 24-bit color for MICR lines and text for fast, accurate collection of data on checks, forms and driver licenses.


Thermal printer with paper roll accommodation of 2¼ in. wide by 85 ft. long for custom-message printing of transaction receipts, coupons and promotions.


Discreetly captures user headshot photographs to be included in the user record for additional security reference. Embedded camera provides 1280 x 1024, 16-bit color images.

Modem (alternative to Ethernet)

Quick, reliable connectivity for dial-up transaction processing. Connections at 300 bps Bell 103 to 56 Kbps, V. 92.


* Specifications and availibility may change without notice.