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Custom Kiosks and
Digital Signage

Choose from one of our prototypes or let us
design a custom kiosk to match your self-service
application needs.

Contact us & Get Started Today!


We provide a wide range of flexible service and support programs that enable us to provide custom kiosk design , software integration , deploy management  and unparalleled support that will protect your investment .


Bringing your Vision to Life with Custom Design Services

At thinENGINE, we thrive on taking your self-service concepts and turning them in to reality. Whether a simple desktop kiosk or a complex design, we have the knowhow to quickly design the enclosure, source components, integrate the software, provide custom packaging and ship to you or drop ship your customer. We also offer deployment services where we can deploy your kiosk anywhere in the US, Canada and most European Union countries.


Wide Range of Components

No matter what components you need in your kiosk, whether you have a brand of choice or need us to make a recommendation, our goal is to provide the most reliable parts to ensure longevity of your custom Kiosk.

Some commonly integrated components include:

Computing Options

With a wide range of off-the-shelf computing options, including our own products and desktop options such as Dell, HP and Gateway, we can fully customize your kiosk and integrate virtually any preferred PC.

LCD Monitors

Our NEMAview  or OPENview LCD monitors  are ideal for any kiosk, however we can integrate any LCD monitor (7”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 15”, 17” or 19”) from the vendor of your choice. For digital signage kiosks, we can integrate a 20” to 32” (common sizes) monitor – or larger size if needed.


Choose a stainless steel or elastomeric ruggedized keyboard (optional backlit), sealed or unsealed, with an optional pointing device such as a trackball or elastomeric mouse. Try our Typhoon keyboard  for your next project.

Card Readers

A wide array of barcode, magnetic and smart card readers are available, as well as both swipe and insert-style credit card readers.


We offer high-quality printers for receipts, tickets, cards, photos and traditional laser printing needs.

Biometric Identity Scanners

We have our own biometric fingerprint readers that can be used to support your project. We also supply five-finger, palm vein and iris scanning components.

Barcode Scanners

1D, 2D and custom scanner options are available.

Currency Acceptors

Coin and bill acceptors (500 – 1,200 note capacity) are available from various manufacturers.

Currency Dispensers

Multiple cassette and hopper options are available on coin and bill dispensers.

Document Scanners

Choose from a full range of specialty scanners that can capture images from driver licenses, passports, visas, checks and other documents.


Camera options include still-shot, webcam and night vision cameras.

Security Components

LCD privacy filters, printers with retractable paper, various locks and alarms.

Wireless Connectivity

Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and infrared readers.

If you need something not on the list, contact our sales team.


Top Layer Kiosk Security Software

We offer a variety of top layer kiosk security software (security for the top layer of the operating system) to securely present web-based content (HTML, Flash, videos, etc.) and applications on our custom kiosks.

With this software, you can individually restrict access to the operating system (OS), system settings, websites, files, folders and applications. Your computer will be protected against unwanted manipulation from the time the boot process begins until the terminal is shut down. This prevents unwanted access to the OS and your application programs. With this advanced software, you can also manage your machines remotely.

Call today and let us match your needs to the right software security!


Why Buy from Us?

Our in-house, state-of-the-art software tools and fabrication equipment allow us to provide a low cost and fast lead time for prototypes and productions. Total ownership of quality control saves the time and costly rework that can occur when using a multi-source vendor supply chain.

As a multifaceted computer manufacturer, we have total electronic design capabilities in house to assure whatever we produce is electrically sound and can pass UL, CSA and CE certification.

We are continually making investments in and improving our design tools so we can get the design right before building production prototypes. Our in-house 3D printers and advanced 3D modeling software, such a SolidWorks, help us visualize the product so we can make improvements and work out problems before production.

For outdoor Kiosks, we offer in-house optical bonding to provide the best visual product for our customer. Our optical bonding team will work with you to understand the visual need for your product and recommend the best technology for its environment.