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Industrial Monitors

A guide to understanding the different
types of industrial monitors and determining
which is right for your needs.

Learn the differences between different types of industrial monitors

Open Frame Monitors

An open frame panel monitor is a display situated in a bare metal chassis, typically without a bezel. This gives OEMs the option of placing the monitors into custom-designed bezels and enclosures. The open frame monitors from thinENGINE Computer are contaminant resistant, have various mounting options and are ideal for kiosks and cabinet applications needing a drop-in display screen.

Rack Mount Monitors

A rack mount monitor is a display intended for use with an equipment rack (a cabinet- or shelf-like enclosure to which multiple devices or computer servers may be bolted and stored). Rack mount monitors are typically bolted to a sliding tray or shelf that pulls out of the rack, thus taking up critical drawer space. The rack mount monitors from thinENGINE Computer are designed to be mounted to the front panel of an equipment rack for optimal accessibility and are hinged and have a handle so the monitor can swing open like a cabinet door, preserving the drawer space behind it for storage.

Panel Mount Monitors

A panel mount monitor is a display specifically designed for mounting in a wall or panel. They can be mounted hassle-free to nearly any surface with our exclusive Panel Clamps. The font-sealed panel mount LCD monitors from thinENGINE Computer have a special plastic gasket that prevents liquid, dust and contaminant build-up and keeps the display looking clean. This is ideal for use in publicly visible areas such as hospitals, terminals and food service.

Sealed LCD Monitors

A sealed LCD monitor is a display that is sealed both front and back for maximum ruggedness. They can be mounted to a wall or panel or VESA mounted on an arm or stand. Like our panel mount monitors, the fully-sealed LCD monitors from thinENGINE Computer are guarded against the appearance of and damage from liquid, dust and contaminant build-up, making them well-suited for publicly visible areas.