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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I can’t find the product I am looking for. Do you customize or make to order?

Yes, we do! We can modify an existing product line or design and build a brand new, custom product(s) from start to finish based on your needs, specifications and budget. Give us a call and tell us what you need! (636) 257-2111

Do you have references for your products?

Yes. See what our customers are saying about thinENGINE Computer.

What is your delivery time?

Our lead time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of order, but some orders may be fulfilled sooner.

How long is the warranty?

We provide a 1-year return-to-factory warranty that covers parts, labor and the cost of re-shipping (via UPS Ground).

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Yes. You may purchase an additional 1 or 2 years on top of our standard 1-year warranty. We also offer an expedited maintenance add-on for our standard and extended warranties that guarantee a repair turnaround time of 5 or 3 days. Prices vary by product. Learn more about our warranties.

What are the prices?

Our industrial products are competitively priced, and our in-house capabilities allow us to keep prices low for our customers. Oftentimes, however, customers find themselves comparing pricing of seemingly similar, but in fact, non-comparable products. For specific pricing information, please contact our sales team at 636-257-2111.

Why should I invest in an industrial product when a consumer-grade product will get the job done?

Consumer devices are not built to withstand the rigors of industrial operations. Inevitably, they will fail – whether from exposure to extreme temperatures, water or grease; a clogged fan; internal components shorted from metallic dust particles; vibrations destroying the hard drive or any of the other numerous perils that abound on the factory floor. Repairing (if even possible) or replacing a commercial PC or its components becomes frequent and quite costly. Such is not the case with industrial computers. They are specifically built to withstand hazardous conditions and extreme environments, saving you money on maintenance and associated downtime costs. The benefits of an industrial PC outweigh the initial investment.

Why do you require an authorization form for credit card purchases?

For your protection, we require a signature for all credit card transactions. We will send you an authorization form to simply sign and return. Once received, we can verify your transaction information with you over the phone. This helps safeguard against fraudulent charges and scammers.
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