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Optical Bonding

Increase ruggedness and durability,
improve performance and enhance outdoor
use with optical bonding!


Optical bonding gives extra durability and performance to the LCD displays used in your application. By using a transparent adhesive, two optical components (such as an LCD and touch screen) are bonded together as a protective layer, thus eliminating air gaps between the display and cover glass. Common bonding components include touch screens, glass and Plexiglas.

Filling the gap between the display and protective glass reduces reflection and improves the LCD’s contrast, color saturation and viewability. It also helps to further protect against dust and condensation or fogging moisture. Optical bonding also strengthens the surface, making it more rugged and shock-resistant. It can also shield against thermal loading, temperature extremes and electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

No optical bonding graphic


Optical bonding graphic

Common applications that use optical bonding are digital signage; outdoor displays for food ordering; outdoor kiosks; GPS systems; tablet applications; military instruments; vehicle, security and transportation displays and many more.

We apply optical bonding to many of our products as well as offering custom bonding services for our customers. It is a priority at thinENGINE Computer to deliver quality service and impeccable products to our customers. We warrant and stand behind the products we deliver.

Benefits of our process include:
  • Re-workable process
  • High transmittance
  • Superior durability
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Environmental durability -30c t 80c
  • Green process and materials
Display sizes:
  • 2.5"-19" UV cured
  • 9" and above shelf cured



Get started today and have a thinENGINE bonding specialist work with you to provide
the right solution for your application.
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