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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Enterprise Management Software


Take control of your mobile enterprise – manage, support, secure and track your devices anytime, anywhere!


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We offer a comprehensive enterprise mobility and fixed device solution to manage your entire computer enterprise. Whether managing thin client computers or mobile Android devices, our innovative enterprise management software (EMS) supports multiple operating systems, OEM devices, telecom services, providers and network types.

Whether you are a small business with limited means or a large corporation seeking ease and convenience, thinENGINE can save you critical server space, valuable IT resources, time and money by hosting the MDM-EMS in house.

Our centralized, internet-based management console provides complete visibility, control and management of all your fixed and mobile devices.

Features include:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Configurable Administration
  • On-Premise and Cloud Hosted Solutions
  • Location Device Tracking
  • Silent Installation
  • Device Security
  • Scalable Deployment
  • Remote Control
  • Send Scripts, Alerts and Messages
  • Make Notes
  • Generate Reports
  • View Logs, Device Info, Packages, Assigned Rules and Installed Programs
  • Supports Mobile and Fixed Devices running Windows, Apple iOS & Google Android


Manage your technology enterprise from your desk!

Contact us  today to learn more about our comprehensive solution.