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Customer Testimonials

Our customers benefit from quality design and manufacturing; quick, responsive support and lasting, valued working relationships. See what customers are saying about thinENGINE Computer.


Why Buy from Us?

Our in-house, state-of-the-art software tools and fabrication equipment allow us to provide a low cost and fast lead time for prototypes and productions. Total ownership of quality control saves the time and costly rework that can occur when using a multi-source vendor supply chain.

As a multifaceted computer manufacturer, we have total electronic design capabilities in house to assure whatever we produce is electrically sound and can pass UL, CSA and CE certification.


We are continually making investments in and improving our design tools so we can get the design right before building production prototypes. Our in-house 3D printers and advanced 3D modeling software, such a SolidWorks, help us visualize the product so we can make improvements and work out problems before production.

For outdoor use, we offer in-house optical bonding  to provide the best visual product for our customer. Our optical bonding team will work with you to understand the visual need for your product and recommend the best technology for its environment.

A Word from Our Customers

“thinENGINE Computer is the premier company when it comes to providing cost-efficient, durable computers. Their sales force is very knowledgeable about their products, and most importantly, they stand behind their product if you ever have a problem.

Their products can meet and exceed any environmental issues that you think might occur when putting computers in harsh working conditions: hot, cold, wet or dry. Their computers continue to be the only company we use in our warehouse because of the negative temperatures and 100 percent humidity that we work under.

 I’ve searched through many vendors; in this space, their product is truly worth the price. With the rest of the companies that manufacture this type of weather-resistant hardware, you’ll end up paying either twice as much or replacing hardware multiple times a year – which no one wants to do.

Do yourself a favor and consider them as your only source when it’s necessary to retrofit computers and computer accessories in the toughest environments, because they are tested, proven and willing to stand behind their products.”

Philip Schneider
Inventory Control
Inland Seafood

Back in January 1998, Chickmont Foods Ltd. was looking for a cutting edge yet affordable NEMA 4 5250 terminal supplier for our AS/400 scale workstations in our chicken processing plant. Luckily we were directed to thinENGINE Computer/Inducomp, and we have had no regrets since then.

Their equipment weathered the storm, and 15 years later we still have the original wash-down enclosures we purchased in service. A number of years later we moved on to the HURRICANExtreme PC and this product is just as reliable as its predecessor. We also have purchased a number of TIMEPCs for our Time and Attendance system, and these have been working over the last 5 years without any major issues.

If you want great NEMA 4 products with reliable after-sales service, purchase thinENGINE products and you won’t regret it.

Ansley Edey
IT Manager
Chickmont Foods Ltd.