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Inducomp Corporation, an industrial computer hardware manufacturer, is taking a new direction beginning with a new name: thinENGINE Computer.

”With the introduction of the smart phone and the tablet as the first true Personal PC, I see the market changing. No longer will the bulk of the computing world rely on fixed PC devices. The innovations to come will deal with smart devices that attach to the new personal PC – the phone, tablet and less expensive computers. Renaming the company to thinENGINE Computer better represents the tidal wave of change that is coming to all aspects of computing life,” said John Weldon, CEO.

“Our goal is to empower the workforce by presenting them with new and more efficient ways to get the job done”

Computers and devices created with small, low-power, compact and less expensive engines are becoming the standard not just for consumers, but for businesses – including the industrial sectors, such as manufacturers, warehouses, military, healthcare and retail. Since 1984, thinENGINE Computer (Inducomp) has manufactured rugged computers, thin client computers and custom devices for industrial applications.

The Missouri-based company will continue to manufacture these products, but recognizes the change to the market requires thinner computers that can be used in a mobile environment.

“This gives the customer the true one-stop shopping they want”

“We are not going to stop making our traditional rugged computers – they solve special application needs. We will, however, create new products and software that will solve problems not being addressed because of technology limitations. Our goal is to empower the workforce by presenting them with new and more efficient ways to get the job done,” said Weldon.

The new computer products thinENGINE plans to develop will cost less, have more function and boast a smaller footprint. The once strictly hardware manufacturer will now also build software applications to power their devices. “This gives the customer the true one-stop shopping they want from a computer company,” said Weldon.

The ClipPad tablet is the first in the new line from thinENGINE. Unlike a standard tablet, its revolutionary, ergonomic design and built-in features – with options such as a chip ‘n’ pin or magnetic strip credit card reader and an industrial-grade barcode scanner– eliminate the need for accessories. The ClipPad is set to be released later this year.